Monday, December 13, 2010


I started this blog earlier this month and nope I haven't pushed it yet to get people in to look or follow. Right now we are in a bad place in our life. Well my bf got fired so we have to put all of our stuff into storage. Our life right now after getting rid of some stuff fits into a 10 x 10 top to bottom packed, nothing else will fit in there. For now we have to live in a weekly monthly rental, kinda sucks yep. All my crafty stuff is in our storage, I miss it so bad. Been on my computer alot this week and looking at my craft mag. WOW I can't wait until things work out for us. Job and place to live, I want my stuff

Thursday, December 9, 2010


I love color and since I've always rented I'm not allowed to paint. So I do have some pictures in here for my craft studio. I use a quilt on my one wall for some color. Once we move and get settled I am using some foam board and bright colored scrapbook paper to put on my wall. I'm cutting them into 9 blocks and placing on the wall. Should brighten things up. Right now because we are getting ready to move out, everything is in boxes and I miss doing my crafts so much. I started out in the corner of my old bedroom, when I lived in Michigan. Then Moved back to Vegas had half the living room because it was a huge living room. But since Steve and I have been together I must say I love having my own Craft studio, just for me. I don't have to pack everything up and put it away it. Once we get moved and settled I will post new pics of my new craft studio, can't wait!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010


So life has hit us and steve lost his job this week and I dont work so this is hurting us bad. We live where he works so we have a week to move. Until we figure out where we are going to live i won't be online much. But home things all work out fast then i'll be back..