Thursday, December 9, 2010


I love color and since I've always rented I'm not allowed to paint. So I do have some pictures in here for my craft studio. I use a quilt on my one wall for some color. Once we move and get settled I am using some foam board and bright colored scrapbook paper to put on my wall. I'm cutting them into 9 blocks and placing on the wall. Should brighten things up. Right now because we are getting ready to move out, everything is in boxes and I miss doing my crafts so much. I started out in the corner of my old bedroom, when I lived in Michigan. Then Moved back to Vegas had half the living room because it was a huge living room. But since Steve and I have been together I must say I love having my own Craft studio, just for me. I don't have to pack everything up and put it away it. Once we get moved and settled I will post new pics of my new craft studio, can't wait!!

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